The Christian Leaders


How does the Church create leaders?

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A high-level view

The Leadership Dev Landscape 

We reviewed over 3,000 initiatives, both sacred and secular, listed 800 in our study, and analyzed 326 for a high-level view across program models, focuses, and sectors.

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Key Takeaways

The data begins to paint a picture of the ecosystem and provides insights and inspiration for designing leadership programs and pathways.

We also discovered critical weaknesses and gaps in the ecosystem that must be addressed.

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go custom

Few programs go deep with one-on-one apprentice-style training. 

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Challenges wanted

There is a need for programs that test the limits of participants by challenging them to do hard things. 

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Sacrifice more

Many programs sacrifice very little in the way of personal attention or resources.


a kingdom approach

While there are some strong individual programs, many operate in silos creating redundancy and waste.

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Data Snapshot


The size of each circle correlates with its sampling size, and the color indicates how much the sampling skews sacred versus secular.

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Knowing how we fit into the larger leadership development ecosystem & having empirical confirmation that what we offer is in short-supply has been invaluable to our strategic planning.
— Dr. Greg Enas, President, Trinity Fellows Academy
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Featured Programs

Here is a peek at a few of the notable initiatives we analyzed. For more insights and featured programs, be sure to download the full report.

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urban farming guys (#118)

Located in a disadvantaged neighborhood in Kansas City, this makerspace has contributed to a 20% decrease in crime over the past decade.


Summit has been called "the Davos for Gen-Y." Through a series of invitation-only events, Summit fosters a global community of leaders.


Harvard university (#52)

Harvard makes alumni and global experts accessible to students to incubate new leaders. Many initiatives exist, especially at the Kennedy School's Center for Public Leadership.

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Praxis labs (#82)

The most well developed blend of mentorship, quality of peers, and support network among the sacred leadership development initiatives.


ASPEN institute (#8)

An extensive range of leadership development programs. A strength is how they curate communities of leaders to accelerate leaders to make impact in bold ways.

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defy ventures (#34)

Leadership development for the formerly incarcerated. Participants are paired with a business executive, entrepreneur, or other influencer to be their coach. 


What's Next?

This study has begun to illuminate a quality benchmark, factors for success, possible areas for collaboration, and opportunities where gaps exist in Christian leadership development. In our Big Vision Plan, we propose next steps to bridge silos and create networks of programs to support Christian leader formation, support, and impact along their life cycle. This project opened our eyes to a great stirring in the Church where many doers, thinkers, and funders are willing to seek a larger strategy together, and we yearn to connect and work with such people.

Please contact us to join this important work.

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